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Make Money by Translation!

If you know any other second language, then it will help you make money by opting for translation jobs. This is another easy way to make use of your spare time and convert it into money. Especially if you know any of the languages for which translators are in huge demand.

In order for you to become a Translator, here are some steps you can take:

*   You can get hired for translation jobs through any of the freelancing sites

*   There are many sites which provide translation services exclusively. You can submit your interest and get hired through any of those sites as well

*   Identify the sites which post all the jobs related to translation. Get yourself registered in those sites

*   You can start your own site and make people know about the translation services that you are ready to offer

How much can I get paid for translation jobs?

*   You can get paid anything from $0.01 per word depending on the demand for the language. If the number of translators for the language are scarce, then you can charge a good rate per word

Are you interested in acting as an agent or intermediary? Do you have a knack for business and are good in dealing with people? Then listed below are some ideas that might suit you: 

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