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Create your own free Apple ID.

Here are the steps that you can follow to create your own Apple ID in Nepal.
Before proceeding, make sure that you are connected to internet.

1> CLICK itunes store...

2> In search box type 'free app'.

3> When free apps appears click 'free app' below the apps shown (any free app can be selected).

4> Now, itunes will ask for apple id. click on 'create apple ID'.

5> Page appears 'welcone to the iTunes Store'. Click on 'continue'(bottom right).

6> 'Terms and conditions and Apple Privacy Policy' page will appear. Check mark the 'i have read and agree to these terms and conditions'. Click on 'Agree'.

7> Page appears as 'Provide Apple ID details'. Fill all the required informations.Note that your password should consist of Upper case, Lowercase and number. For example.. FRONTNAMElastname67. and your email id must be a valid email ID ( i.e working one).

8> Page appears as 'provide a payment method. Click on the option 'none'.

9> Now fill up the 'Billing Address', your F.Name L.name, Street, disrict/Province,postcode ( i.e-> 000977 for Nepal ), enter you Phone no. ( Land line Phone no. works better). then click 'Create Apple ID'.

10> 'verify Your apple ID'... Go to your email inbox and check the apple mail and click on the link provided in the e-mail.

Now you have your Own Apple ID, you can download apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

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