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The fastest and easiest way to make money with a blog

The fastest and easiest way to make money with a blog, is with this formula: RB + AL + AM + T = $$$.

You might be saying, what the heck is that?!Don't panic, I hate math too...just watch how easy this is:

RB = "Review Blog" - This is a blog that you will create with Blogger.com and you will use it to post product reviews, about products that you are promoting as an affiliate.

AL = "Affiliate Links" - At the end of each product review, you would include your affiliate link to the product you reviewed. Your "affiliate link" is the URL that you send people to, so that you can earn a commission on the product if they purchase it.

AM = "Article Marketing" - By writing articles (or outsourcing them) you can drive quality, targeted traffic to your blog.

T = "Traffic" - This is the traffic you will receive from both the articles, as well as people who are surfing Blogger.com for blogs in your category. The more popular of a niche market you choose, the more traffic you will likely receive.


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